About Us

Mission Statement

HCM Titans is a digital Human Capital Management firm that focuses on assisting business owners with shouldering the administrative burdens of business ownership. Our goal is to take care of the office work, allowing business owners to focus on what they do best, running their business. Our company specializes in assisting companies with core functions such as Payroll, Human Resources, and Accounting. We also offer city and county permit assistance and on-call mobile Notary services.

Humble beginnings

Our Story

But, how did all of this come about? Where did this idea and dream come from?

It all started in a very small town nestled high atop the Allegheny Mountain Plateau; Beckley, West Virginia. Beckley was the birthplace and humble beginnings of HCM Titan’s CEO and founder Nicholas Baine. Born into a family of coal miners, Nick learned the values of hard work and integrity at a very young age. He carried these values with him and expanded upon them, becoming the first member of his family to earn a college degree.

From the Stars

A Titan is Born

Majoring in Business Administration, Nick quickly identified that there was more to having a successful business or product than met the eye. Most business owners were very good at offering a product or service. However, when it came to internal administrative tasks or paying their employees timely, these very same businesses failed greatly. Why? Because companies large and small alike all struggle with their Human Capital Management needs.

Identifying the need for HCM in the market space Nick created the HCM Titans. To this day HCM Titans stay dedicated to its humble beginning choosing to focus on the core American values of hard work, dedication to our patrons, and genuine integrity.

Small Footprint

Big Impact

As a green company, we are dedicated to keeping a digital workspace allowing our physical footprint to be reduced. Our current physical location is housed on less than half an acre of residential land located in sunny Gainesville, Florida. Please feel free to reach out to us today for assistance with all your HCM needs.